On Line Catalog

Posted by Honest John - December 12, 2012 - Honest John's Blog -

Thanks for being so patient. We are finally loading our new On Line catalog. I think you’re really going to like it. We have tried to give you really good photos of each part as well as accuarte descriptions. We have alot stuff that the other Caddy guys don’t. I have been doing this for thirty years and I try to list parts that have been hard for me to find over the years. I am really excited about our New power seat transmission for 1977 thru 1980s Caddys. This part has been imposible to find until now. Yes, it is expensive, but well worth it. These repro parts are built to last and take heavy use.  We are loading new parts every day, so keep checking the catalog.  Please check out our classified section as well for some really great cars for sale. I welcome your comments. Let me know what you think of our site.  Thanks, Honest

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